Reduce Reuse Recycle

Phenomenal Box-Back Program Has Companies Turning Green!recycle


Box It is located in Doylestown, PA. Box It™ can supply your company with USED & NEW box needs, while at the same time BUY your companies un-wanted boxes! This helps companies lower the bottom line on box costs and more importantly keep boxes out of landfills!


Companies mean well by putting their corrugated board into “RECYCLE” bins but the statistics show that this results in the board being shipped over seas or worse yet, in our landfills more times than not. Box It is the solution! We pay top dollar for good reusable boxes.


Companies gain by establishing or enhancing green foot print, less landfill waste, and a public relations Bonanza.

If you have an interest in implementing our once-used boxes by purchasing used, mis-prints or overstock boxes or selling us your boxes and would like additional information, please send us an email at  Or contact Michele at 215-348-9269.