Used Box Buy Back Program

We buy corrugated boxes from businesses/industries through our Used Box Buy Back Program.boxes

Sell your boxes!!!! If you have a pallet or bundles of surplus boxes, call us.  We pay top dollar.  Box It purchases used, overstocks , and mis-lots from retail businesses and industries.

We reserve the right not to accept or purchase items at any time due to space constrictions

Box Conditions:

skidAcceptable Box: Boxes must be sorted by size and broken down flat. Please leave tape and labels on. NO stapled or food boxes.

Packing Peanuts: Please bag or box CLEAN peanuts.  We accept peanuts but do not purchase them. We also accept these from the general public.

Unacceptable Box: Excessive wear, usually over 1 year old, holes, tears, crushed, or water damage. NO food boxes. No stapled boxes.

For further information email us @