Freight Your Move


Box Its exceptional freight services are a great alternative to the traditional long distance moves.  You can really save over using moving van companies or truck rentals if you only need to move a few pieces from coast to coast or inter-state.


Moving Van Companys While booking a moving company is quick and easy,  it is very expensive for long distance moves,  you will be looking at double the cost of renting a truck rental.

– Budget Truck Rentals – Philadelphia to Chicago will run approximately $800-$2,000.  Those prices do not include food, lodging, fuel, tolls, and your time.

– Freight Service – Philadelphia to Chicago will run about $600-$1200 for 500 to 1500 lbs with no hassle delivered door to door.                                             Costs are approximate

                     Introducing our New JUMBO BOX

       The JUMBO PAK BOX 40x48x45 packs 46% MORE cubic volume than

       a cubic yard box.  Box Its JUMBO BOX is the lowest cost, largest &

       strongest certified and tested gaylord container system you can ship!